Brake + Battery Light

Kieran Lavin kieran at
Fri Dec 7 06:06:50 CST 2007

As a side note, last week my alternator died with very little if any 
warning.  In the morning on the 75-mile commute the rear defroster didn't 
seem to be working.  I thought it was a fuse since I had been goofing with 
them the night before.  On the return trip, the defroster still wasn't 
working but then I noticed the dash lights dim but figured that was because 
it's been so long since I've driven the car that I just didn't know.  Then, 
over the course of 2 miles or so, the windshield wipers (it was pouring rain) 
started slowing down on the return, the cruise control kicked off when I 
turned the blower on to clear the windshield, and the car stumbled big time 
when I gave it a little gas to get in front of someone.  I pulled over and 
the car died on me.  Wouldn't start back up.  Ray had to come rescue me with 
a fresh battery some 60 miles away.  I didn't realize but he told me that the 
brake/battery lights don't always light when the alternator is dying.  

After replacing it, you could tell it was definitely done.  The thing only 
spun with MUCH effort


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