Brake + Battery Light

davidpertuz at davidpertuz at
Thu Dec 6 18:17:01 CST 2007

>What does it mean when the battery and brake lights come on at the
>same time, for a second or two, then go off.  It's not a blink or a
>flash.  This happens intermittently, under many driving conditions.  I
>just topped off my master cylinder, as it was low, a few days ago.

This is more likely to be a connection issue than a bad alternator. A similar condition on my G20 is almost certainly an intermittent connection at the voltage regulator plug due to a cracked connector. I've narrowed it down a lot but haven't been in much hurry because the car's gone on for many thousands of miles like this. In my case the voltage is actually high when the lights are on. I'll be able to confirm when I find a replacement alternator harness to swap out.

If your charge lights are flashing on and off (or lingering on, then going off, back on later, etc.) in an all-or-nothing manner (full bright or off) rather than fading, I would go this route first, rather than replace the alternator. Typically the cluster lights and headlights will change in intensity some with the charge lights.


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