Pulsating steering

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Mon Oct 29 00:25:28 CDT 2007

Wayne wrote:
> Darren Calbero wrote:
>> start before things began to happen.  My neighbor did a visual check as I drove by and said that the passenger side wheel seems to slightly toe in and out.  I 
> That sounds like a bent wheel rim, which could cause some of what you're describing.  You should lift the front and spin the wheels while using something to see if there is any run-out or "wobble" in the rim.  A dial indicator is ideal, but anything you can hold stationary to detect bends in the rim is ok.  You can also try swapping wheels front to back.
Well, I can think of a few things this could be.

First of all if the wheel is visually appearing to toe in and out, I 
rather doubt it's a halfshaft/CV joint.  Possible, and those sumbitches 
can certainly vibrate the hell out of everything.  In my last race in 
Grover's race car I lost the left outer CV at 130 mph just before 
turn-in at TWS on the front straight.  I about left a mess in my driving 
suit that day.  I had no idea what it was but found I could drive it OK 
at reduced speed and since there were only two laps left I limped it home.

My first thought would be a bad tie-rod end.  They are basically 
balljoints and if they are loose they can produce the effect described.

My second though is control arm bushings.  Worn CAB can produce this.  
The E46 BMW suffers from this badly and Bruce Hearn described the EXACT 
same thing watching me in my car one day.  Now, the E46 has a bigger 
problem with this because there is webbing in the rear CABs, unlike the 
SE-R, but if the CABs are really bad it COULD do this.

George Roffe
Long dead 91 SE-R (would consider selling for parts)

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