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What Ben and Wayne said sounds on the money.  Only thing I have to  add is 
that I'd describe the first warning sign as a "hum" from the affected  wheel 
area at speed.  When it's really bad, you can grab the top of the  tire and rock 
the wheel back and forth a little, even when it's not up off the  ground on a 
Good luck.
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Subject: Re: Fog  Lights
> Also, what is the sign wheel bearings are going bad and what  happens 
> when they fail?  My SE-R makes noise when I drive  it, and I am not sure 
> whether its just the rusted rear rotors  scraping the pads or if the 

I think its just the rotors and pads making noise.  I jacked the car  up and 
the wheel had no play whatsoever.  I turn the wheel and it seemed  like the 
noise was coming from the rotor.  The rear rotors are 50% rusted  on the surface 
from sitting and the driving I have done hasnt seemed to wear  that off at 

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