Fog Lights

Wayne wc701lists at
Sun Sep 9 09:48:04 CDT 2007

Steve Obert wrote:
> My next door neighbor decided to take his Skyline GTR for a joyride and 
> lost control and hit my SE-R which I just happen to have parked in front 
> of my house for the weekend.  When he hit it, he pushed it into my dads 

Crap!  I saw your earlier post and just wanted to pound the crap out of 
this guy!  It's one thing to get a little wild on the open road, but in 
a neighborhood?!  (I'e seen pix of Jaret's 'hood)

Were the cops involved?  Does the guy have ins or is he going to pay 

> My rear bumper took quite a whack, but there is just 
> bumper damage and a small dent where the bumper pushed up on the body.

Is our exhaust ok?!

> Does anyone have any 91-94 SE-R foglights they might be willing to part 

I think I gave away all the FL stuff in my parts collection, but I'll 
look.  Courtesy Nissan has a kit for $109:

> Also, what is the sign wheel bearings are going bad and what happens 
> when they fail?  My SE-R makes noise when I drive it, and I am not sure 
> whether its just the rusted rear rotors scraping the pads or if the 

I had a bad bearing on a really old Honda Accord, and I think a rear one 
on the NX is getting there.  They make a low level "moaning" kind of 
noise.  They may get louder if you corner or otherwise put a higher load 
on one side.


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