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Sat Sep 8 13:03:09 CDT 2007

My next door neighbor decided to take his Skyline GTR for a joyride and  lost 
control and hit my SE-R which I just happen to have parked in front of my  
house for the weekend.  When he hit it, he pushed it into my dads  Escort.  The 
Bumper on the Escort exploded into 100's of peices.  Ford  builds crap.  My 
rear bumper took quite a whack, but there is just bumper  damage and a small 
dent where the bumper pushed up on the body.
Going to get all this fixed, but one thing I see might be hard or very  
expensive to replace are the fog lights that broke.
Does anyone have any 91-94 SE-R foglights they might be willing to part  with?
Also, what is the sign wheel bearings are going bad and what happens when  
they fail?  My SE-R makes noise when I drive it, and I am not sure whether  its 
just the rusted rear rotors scraping the pads or if the wheel bearings are  
going or gone.

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