drifts for wheel bearing replacement, and a few other things

davidpertuz at mindspring.com davidpertuz at mindspring.com
Sat Sep 8 12:52:29 CDT 2007

I drove my G20 this week, which is the first use it's seen since April other than on occasional run to keep the battery alive, as I tend to drive work vehicles a lot. Since I plan to drive it to GA this fall I need to sort of get back on the maintenance bandwagon again.

The G needs a left front wheel bearing and a new left outer CV joint. I don't really feel like rebuilding the joint myself, so will probably get a new (reman) axle - if there is anything else good (avoiding parts-store axles that seem to fail a lot) other than Raxles, kindly let me know.

I do plan to do the wheel bearing myself, as one of the guys I work with has a press in his garage.
-does anyone have a part number for an aftermarket (e.g. SKF, F-NOK, etc.) bearing that is correct for the car?  
 I may just get the OE part from Greg but I'd like to know
-any known-to-work suggestions for just-right-sized drift(s) to press the bearing out of the hub and the spindle out of the  bearing?

Also, I will (finally!) be doing the rod bearings in my SE-R soon so that I can drive it this fall and winter. It's been sitting in the garage since January. 

-Do I need to use assembly lube on the new bearing shells, or is something like moly grease OK? I have no memory at all of what I used when I put new bearings in the transplant motor in the G several years ago.

-Finally, is it worth trying to rebuild my SE-R's rear brake calipers myself? I've got the rebuild kit but am afraid it will be a PITA and more trouble than it's worth. PLus I have to go to above friend's house to get air to pop the pistons out. OTOH rebuilds are ~$125 each.


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