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Hi everybody


Wow, It's been almost 10 years since I joined the original se-r mailing
list! and maybe 3 years since my last post, je je je


It is good to see many of the old timers still hang here. About 3 years ago
I came across a very nice stock 200sx, with just 66K non salt miles on the
odo. I immediately fall in love with she and I have baibed it since day
number one. Some weeks ago I got a 03 RSX, to me this car is what the se-r
was some 15 years ago, it is quick, it handles and brakes great and my bank
account stays healthy. My problem is that the SE-R is collecting dust at my
parents place, I still have to pay for insurance and the car needs some
minor repairs(clutch and struts) that I don't have the time to perform. I
have always wanted to have a turboed SR20 car and since it is so clean I
know this is the right car, but job and family responsibilities take 100% of
my time so this isn't an option in the short term. To me this car is part of
my life as I have been driving se-r's since the '97. As we grow up and get
better/bigger/newer cars I know many of you have probably faced the same
dilemma, so I want to hear your opinions.



On a different topic if  someone needs a VIN check, just replay to my
personal email


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95 200SX SE-R, '03 RSX -S




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