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Hello Everyone,
 I have been around this list more years than I care to count. I lurk most of the time because I know others out there possess more knowledge on the issues than I do, but I am still around. I bought my first SE-R off the showroom floor in August of 1990. And it was love at first drive. That car got totalled out about 4 years and 90 thousand miles later. I replaced it with a 1995 240SX (not sure what the hell I was thinking about there) and after about 3 years found myself a used 93 SE-R that I still have to this day. I got rid of my 240SX and bought a truck that I used for work and finally got rid of it and stepped up to a 2005 350Z Enthusiast. 
No matter how much fun the Z is to drive everytime I get in the SE-R I have that big stupid ear to ear grin on my face. The Z is much nicer, more comfortable and gets a little bit better gas mileage on the highway (at least it does until I swap in 3.9 rear end gears into the Z) but I still cant bring myself to get rid of the SE-R. The Z will also run Circles around the SE-R in handling but thats ok. The SE-R is a different type of car and thats what I love about it. It does everything well and even though it doesnt stand out in any one category I will always love it still the same. MY brother in law sold his SE-R and comes down to my house every once in a while to drive mine to see what its like. Everytime he does he still kicks himself for selling his. Mine needs more stuff done to it to get it back to where it needs to be than I care to think about but I will tackle them one at a time. Little by little the SE-R will get back to it true form and maybe a little stronger in the process. Plus the one deciding factor for me is that I know if I ever need a dependable car that is fun to drive when I get into the SE-R I know its going to start everytime. Its never failed me yet. Well that my two cents, I am going back to lurking now.
Bill E.
2005 350Z Enthusiast w/ Nismo package
1993 Sentra SE-R w/ a lot of needs
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James's comment about keeping the SE-R as a DD all those years (btw, hi James) 
brings out a related question that I will bring out since it's a freindly 
audience, even 
when leaving horse heads on peoples' doorsteps :)

When I got my G20 2 1/2 years ago it became my primary DD, and my SE-R, which 
had already been through 6 Michigan winters anyway (the previous 6 years in GA 
to have helped keep it almost entirely rust-free, amazingly) and had snow tires, 
my winter DD and occasional DD during the rest of the year. However,because of 
particular responsibilities of my job as an engineer at one of the Big 3, I find 
driving company-owned cars with considerable regularity. It's been a bit extreme 
as I have driven my SE-R mabe four times and the G20 once since late August. 
This has 
made me extreeeeemely spoiled by the niceness of new cars, esp. compared to my 

I have entertained thoughts of sort of retiring the SE-R and using the G20 
year-round, even 
though it is a Texas car and squeaky-clean underneath. In practical terms, this 
would mean 
getting rid of it, since I have tooooo many cars, only two of which actually 
run. It would be 
much easier to have one reliable everyday car (the G20, since the G20 is a 
vastly nicer choice 
than my SE-R) and one fun sports car (either my existing, currently non-running 
Fiat Spider, 
another Fiat, or a Miata). The problem with that, sensible as it is, is that the 
SE-R was my first 
car (and only driver til I got the G20), I bought it new, and I am very 
sentimentally attached 
to it and will regret ever getting rid of it. As it is, right now it needs new 
rod bearings before I 
can drive it regularly for the winter (220k out of the originals, no 
complaints), new rear brakes, 
probably one axle (pulls strongly), maybe a wheel bearing, fixing the PS leak, 
new rack boots, 
tie rod ends, maybe BJs to be thorough. I think one spring is sagging, and a 
host of little things. 
I have been putting all of these off all year. I would really prefer to put the 
car up for a while, 
drop the engine, give it a light rebuild on a stand, and clean up and deal with 
a bunch of engine 
and chassis stuff with the engine out since it's so much easier - anyone in SE 
MI got some heated 
space I can rent cheap for a few months? :) 

In short, new car niceness and the practicality I get from my mom is pulling 
strongly against my 
sentimentality. I figured this would be a good, highly sympathetic bunch to give 
me ideas for 
solutions that might cater to both  pulls. I love my cars but with my lack of 
organization they sort 
of hang over my head a bit.


P.S. I enjoy list traffic when it appears. And I swear I will make SaltFest 
Not to come across as threatening, but you're talking about buying a Mazda and 
staying in touch 
with the SE-R community as if you have a choice.
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