NASA championships - Congrats to Joe Dimino!

Kevin J. Hart bowlcut at
Mon Nov 13 18:23:08 CST 2006

And to beat all....he got 7th at the ARRC.  He started 11th and was able 
to pull in 5 places.  I would like to say it was because Brian and Me 
pit crewing for him ;)....  But it was one heck of a drive by Joe.  He 
got into some bumper car action at the start....people seem to want to 
wreck the 01, we know you have a little Hazard county in you CraZy Joe.

Greg Amy in the Kessler Engineering NX2000 pulled in pole and the win.  
That NX is quite the beast.  Greg is one great driver as well.  Matt 
makes a nice clean motor that will pull on any car out there.  The hills 
of east Georgia tends to give those little CRX's a lot of trouble ;).  
Greg raced a clean race, and had one pucker moment where the NX thought 
it was in a drift event or something....but he pulled it out.

I hate it that Jeff Lawton in his Saturn went off into the gravel....but 
that little SC2 was powerfull....even if he couldnt keep his foot in it 
though 12.

Fun weekend....and was totaly impressed with the professionalism of Greg 
and crew.  Joe on the other hand....i dont think you could be any less 
professional in the WOP Autosports 01 Sentra SE-R :)   Joe....if its not 
before Chicago....see ya there and we can battle on the track some.


C. Gutierrez wrote:
> If you subscribe to GRM, check out the NASA Speednews section toward the back, & you may find the only SE-R Cup pilot who made it to Mid-Ohio there someplace. Where' the cig JD? ;)
> Congrats man!  My only advice: make sure they get the damn trophy in the shot next year!


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if you are not willing to see what it is,
you probably shouldnt be out there in the first place."

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