squeal - front wheels

Frank Ewald frank_ewald at sympatico.ca
Sun Sep 10 16:10:39 CDT 2006

Just an update. Problem has continued off and on throughout the
summer BUT I think I have got it. Pulled a thin sliver of what's
probably left of the brake dust shield out of the assembly the
bearing sits in. So small I could  hardly see it tucked into the
groove, was actually 1.5 inches long. I was spinning the tire by hand
and putting some lube in when I saw this piece moving at a different
speed than I was rotating. Took about fifteen minutes to get a hold
of it, now I need a month of squeal free driving for me to be sure
I've got it fixed.

Also, Installed a Progress Rear Sway Bar this weekend in my spare
time. It was not as time consuming as I expected. I have very
pleasantly surprised that it has improved ride comfort. Usually I try
to avoid the typical city manhole bumps etc., but after going over
one unavoidable one, I went for every one. Much better, a more subtle
bump than the often bone-jarring one that coilovers/AGXs at 8 (I
know, I should change the setting) give with the OEM bar and ES
inserts. I did have to drill the brackets to allow the Heim joint to
stay perpendicular - factory holes would have them sitting at an
angle. My experience, anyway. Got them from neverenoughauto.com -
good guy.
Take care,

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