AGX F*up

Jon Pennington cowboydren at
Thu Sep 7 17:49:40 CDT 2006

I finally got the shocks and struts on my '94 G20.  The passenger
front shock did not survive the incedent unscathed.  After securing
the top nut to the shock mount, I pulled the socket off, and the
adjuster collar assembly was still inside the socket!

The bottom of the collar appears to be keyed, and I can place the
collar on the adjuster tab.  I can turn the collar, and feel
resistance as it turns the adjuster tab inside the shock, but I have
no idea which setting is selected.  It popped off on setting #2, and
the adjuster indicates #2, but I have no way of knowing for sure.  Is
there a hard stop somewhere inside the shock at the bottom or top of
the range, so that I can recalibrate the adjuster?

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