squeal - front wheels

Frank Ewald frank_ewald at sympatico.ca
Sun Jun 4 15:29:31 CDT 2006

I am a newbie when it comes to brakes, but i have had a mechanic
buddy check it out and he thought it looked okay. I've got Nissan OEM
pads, tried to follow the Factory service manual details, have spun
the wheels and they seem to spin just fine and I can't ever get the
noise. Even ran it through the gears while up on the jack stands.

I'm not sure how the rotor/caliper could be misaligned. I'm open to
any tips/suggestions you have. For that matter, just had the calipers
off again this weekend because I bought rebuilt ones and it came with
the wrong caliper pins. (Sorry Greg - but I did get OEM rotors and
pads locally. Shipping was too high.) Squeal wasn't as bad after.
Here's the other thing. It was quite cool this morning - below 60 F -
and it only squeals when the temperature is warm. Not necessarily
when the brakes are warm. Actually went all winter with no squeal,
thought I'd beaten it, but it's back.

I'm just a couple of hours west of Toronto. If you're in the area,
come on by and you can scratch your head with me.

On Jun 4, 2006, at 1:11 PM, Ben Fenner wrote:

> Could the rotor and the caliper somehow be missaligned casuing one
> pad to rub all the time? (Assuming you've got high temp pads that
> would squeal.) Possibly from incorrect assembly, which you repeated
> when you did the brake upgrade, not knowing any better?

> Try jacking the front end up, putting the car in neutral, and hand
> spin those wheels. You might get a better idea as to how freely
> they spin, and you can try to pinpoint the noise source as well if
> it makes the noise at that low of speeds.

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