bearing noise? 93 Sentra SE-R

Jim McClure jmm at
Mon Mar 13 05:46:44 CST 2006

'93 Sentra SE-R

I have a sound coming from inside the engine on the driver side.
Thought at first it could be a cam bearing or distributor bearing, but it seems to be lower in the
It starts about one minute after I start the engine and continues for about four minutes.  Then goes
It is worse if I turn on the A/C during the first five minutes.  It is not from the A/C side of the
engine.  It is not from the belts.
Sounds like a belt slipping/chiping, but there are no belts on that side of the engine and it is a little
lower frequency sound.

Buy the way, I finally got my idle problem fixed.  Took the idle air controller out and cleaned it.  Both
solenoids worked, but were full of black goop.  And the dust storm at burning man last year probably
didn't help any.  Soaked it and blew out the ports.  Now it idles a little fast but doesn't go dead when
I slow down.  Still runs a little rough when it is cold, but winter is over here.


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