your tire choice?

Frank Ewald frank_ewald at
Thu Mar 9 19:02:46 CST 2006

I know that this is personal preference, has been discussed a great
deal, but I'm curious what your recent tire choice is?

I'm going to be getting new tires for my NX. Currently Yokohama AVS
ES100 - 195 50 15, I've also had Hankook Ventus K103. My overall
experience with the Yokohama has been very good. The Hankooks were
better at cornering, but I didn't have good experience otherwise. The
dealer eventually took them back because they wouldn't stay balanced
for more than a week.
This is for street use in summer only, some lapping days. I need good
rain capabilities and cornering performance. I look forward to your
suggestions and experience.
PS the snow is melting in Ontario, Canada but it's still winter tires
here. Do you guys already have your summer tires on?

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