Oil pressure and engine temps

Raymond Kawski sr20de at e-rak.com
Tue Jan 10 09:42:17 CST 2006

On Sun,  8 Jan 2006 20:06:24 -0600, Ian Lyn wrote

> Is it normal for oil pressure to read low when the engine oil is
> warmed up? My Autometer electric gauge reads about 0 pressure at
> idle even with 10W40 oil when the car is warmed up. It barely goes
> past 25psi at 6-7Krpms.

I usually see this more of a problem with cars that are feeding turbos.  Some
gauges also seem to be less accurate.  It also depenends on if you have a
restrictor for the turbo feed and where it is located.  I've seen hose
diameter make a difference too depending on how far from the block the sender

Raymond A. Kawski

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