completed headlight cleaning!

Jeff Hager sammyno55 at
Mon Dec 12 14:45:53 CST 2005

I read lots of advise on the internet and talked to a few people and
decided I'd start with white polishing compound on a orbital polisher
because it is what I had on hand.  The lenses were clouded and slightly
yellow.  I took the driver's side headlight off and made quick work of
it.  It took longer to remove it than it took to buff it.  On the
passenger side I tried a bench grinder polishing wheel attached to a
cordless drill on the low setting with the same polishing compound.
Both worked well.  I used a terry towel and my finger to clean up the
hard to get places in just a few minutes.  Next time I'll just try a
towel, polishing compound and some elbow grease and see how long it takes.


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