Headlight Cleaning

Kirby Martin kurbster at swbell.net
Mon Dec 12 01:24:03 CST 2005

I know...it sounds weird...but it really does work good.
I just did a '98 Civic last week with Turtle Was Polishing
Compound (white).  It really does a good job...and pretty
fast and easy with those dense foam buff pads.
I'm still gona get some of that trick plastic polishing
but I haven't gotten any yet..That should finish the job off
The owner said it's not necessary...but I want to do it
just for my self.  I'm retired and I'm thinking about
a business doing headlights our of my car....you know, a
mobile type thing.  I need another cordless drill for backup
though.  I have considered doing it from my Honda ST1300abs.
I'll have enough room for all the tools and supplies with my
top box.  It really takes a lot of covering to protect the
of the car from polishing agents being slung every where
during the process.
: )

Kirby Martin
Dallas, Texas
kurbster at swbell.net
Merry CHRISTmas !!!


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