Speaking of questions.

David Pertuz davidpertuz at mindspring.com
Sun Oct 30 23:27:16 CST 2005

This is probably about as easy a threaded fastener to fix as there is on
	any of the engine mounts. The through bolt screws into a weld nut (or
	insert, or whatever) that is part of a bracket welded to the frame rail. I
	was in there last week replacing the mount on my G20, and from y
	recollection it would probably be not too hard to cut off the weld nut with
	a die grinder (I don't think you'd have to remove more than the battery,
	tray and airbox) and replace it with a suitable nut.


	At 10:51 AM 10/30/05 -0600, you wrote:
	>You know the transmission mount on the driver's side? It has three bolts
	>that mount it to the tranny, and then one long bolt that mounts it to
	>the chassis. I stripped the long, single bolt that holds the tranny to
	>the chassis. I decided to leave it be, and it stayed for about 6 months,
	>but now the bolt has walked its way out, and it's gone. I stripped the
	>threads on the car, not the bolt itself. So my question is, can I drill,
	>re-tap, and heli-coil that bitch? I just don't know what it looks like
	>back there. Is it a nut welded to the frame? If so, I could probably
	>re-weld a new nut on there, if that's a better solution?

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