Bearings, rear seal

Lawrence Weeks dev at
Sat Aug 20 23:43:33 CDT 2005

Today I *finally* got time to work on the NX. Removed the oil pans,
and found some little bits/flakes of bearing in there. Not a lot
though, and definitely not like the big twisted and mangled pieces
that were in the pan after the D.C. engine failure. #1 bearing was
starting to spin a bit, and was mashed pretty good, spread the entire
width of the rod end & cap. But, the crank has no mars/nicks/damage
from what I could observe, so I just put in a +1 bearing set. All
the other bearings looked fine, but I replaced the #2 bearings too
just because, and removed/cleaned/oiled/reinstalled the rest.

Something else I noticed was what I thought was a bit of liquid
gasket hanging down from the rear seal... tugged on it with pliers,
and realized it was the little spring from inside the rear seal. I
cut the hanging bit off. Next time I take the tranny off, new rear
seal. I don't see any oil on the flywheel, so I'm assuming it isn't
leaking. But the damn engine is leaking from somewhere, up near the
thermostat housing it looks. Though you never know, that stuff gets
spread/splashed all around.

So, the NX will be on the road again tomorrow, unless it catches on
fire or something.

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