"Thar She Doesn't Blow!"

Lisa Hlava lmhlava at mac.com
Sun Apr 24 19:07:11 CDT 2005

I found out the adrenalized way that my horn no longer works... Ford
Excursion decided to occupy the same lane and space as my small
Classic. Ended having to rev the poo out of the engine in order for
said butthead to realize I was there. You can still see the grip
imprints on my steering wheel.

I hear a clicking in the steering wheel and at the horn relay(near the
coolant overflow tank)... never heard either noise before. I bought
another horn relay, and another horn to replace the wimpy oem sound.
But, after replacing the relay, still no horn. I tested the new horn by
using cable connected to the batter posts... works great. Not too
obnoxiously loud, but much more meaningful and manly than the original.
Next, I pulled the cover from the steering wheel and checked the
connections, all contacts are fine and working.

Then, I wanted to follow the horn wire/terminal wire to see if there
was a break or loose connection... no luck, everything is tucked and
hidden away. I had no extra time to be ripping and pulling wire out and
probably would have screwed something else up. I then checked the fuse
box next to air intake hole and battery, fuse was fine.

I'm all out of ideas, at this point. I'm ashamed to acknowledge that
I'm unsure how to check and see if the horn terminal is receiving power
or I would have checked for that. Even if it was the problem, I'd still
be digging into wires to find the problem.

Has this happened to anyone else and/or is there an easy solution I've

Driving in Tampa is dangerous enough with a horn, suicide without one.
I tend to use several different hand gestures(bilingual sign language),
but they work better with a horn.


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