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Wed Dec 1 04:28:04 CST 2004


several people have tested it but the details are confusing and the results as
reported inconclusive.

My understanding of what was reported boils down to:

1. Gen6 does not hurt anything when compared to prior HS generations (5 and
down). The LEAST yu can expect is no gain at all versus Gen5.
2. Gen6 DOES offer significant gains if you use large cams and/or large ID
freeflowing exhaust.
3. Has the advantage it can be used with a VE if there is one in your future.
4. Probably you cannot keep your AC in there if you still have one.

Is it worth the US$600? I would say that the better question would be "is it
worth US$125 over the Gen5 product"?
And my answer to this is a conclusive YES.

Now, the above $$$ arguments hold for the US only. I do not know whether there
are customs etc. in South Africa and how much they add to the price which
might be a very important factor.

For example, to get one of those in Greece I woudl have to pay $600 cost +
$180 shipping + 24% customs over the sum of (cost + shipping) and then 18% VAT
over the entire cost+shipping+customs plus a small "clearing" fee. This is
close to US$ 1200 !!!!! for me so ... you get the idea....

Most of the reporting on Gen^s can be found in Do a search.
Some links follow..


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From: "Hendrik Schalk van der Merwe" <hennivd at>

> Has anyone purchased the header and tested it to see if it is any good.
> I live in South Africa and want to know if it is worth the $600.
> Hennie van der Merwe
> SE-R (12:1) with mods.

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