A/C System.

sentras at tampabay.rr.com sentras at tampabay.rr.com
Wed Aug 4 18:12:23 CDT 2004

I'm having an A/C problem that I can't seem the figure out. When I turn the A/C on, it doesn't come on period. I know that the switch is good. I also checked the A/C relay under the hood as well as the 10A fuse. I know that it isn't the compressor due to the fact that I "jumped" it an it works. I also made sure the ground is grounded and the fan belt on the compressor is tight enough.

Now here's the catch. I was in a minor collision which damaged the condensor enough to loose the R12. I replaced it as well as the dryer and the line that runs across the condensor. I checked for leaks and everything is fine. The only thing is when I went to recharge the system, the compressor wouldn't come on. Also, for anyone who knows A/C systems, I had 80PSI on the low side and 150PSI on the high side. So the compressor had enough freon to run.

The only thing I can't understand is why I'm not getting power to the compressor.

It's been in the 90's every day with the heat index @ 100-105 here in FL! So, any ideas will be greatly appreaciated.

Eric H.

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