Tranny failures

Michael Jez 93SER at
Fri Jan 16 19:35:04 CST 2004

Well Mike Kojima said that using Maxima gears in a SE-R would be a good idea
if it worked- cause its a stronger tranny.... nope. I just blew out 4th gear
today- while I was already in it accelerating on the highway at around 80MPH-
I sheered every tooth off the counter shaft 4th gear. I guess the tranny is
not as strong as even a SE-R tranny. This really blows- 1st problem I ever
really had on my car.
Mike Jez
01 Max close to 80K and no 4th gear.
93 G20 BBird DET with seized up cams- THANX SOKO.
95 G20t waiting for a DET.
97 Ram 1500 current daily driver.

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