GC caster/camber plates

Peter Serwe peter at easytree.net
Thu Jan 15 19:25:44 CST 2004

Okay, love my GC's and all, but this
has got me somewhat peeved.

Been feeling a strangeish 'floaty' feeling
for a few days - ball joints are almost brand
new, tie rod ends are tight.  I was suspecting
the steering rack for a little while, but those
suspicions have been proved groundless.

Basically, the passenger side pillow ball
has a relatively large amount of play in
it.  Still have to get another sentra running
and take the plate off to really look at it,
but I'm a little bummed.

I see some witness marks on the top hat,
(from above), and no sign of the torrington
bearing, which may just be hidding from my
view at the moment.

2 questions off the top of my head:

1)  Does GC provide any warranty?

and being that I somehow doubt it.

2)  Will they for a reasonable price, provide
replacement parts, or a partial set?


Peter Serwe <peter at easytree.net>
Cheaper, Faster, Better, pick any two.

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