VRS Exhausts - Cat-back

Nigel Patterson nx2000racerboy at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 15 07:51:14 CST 2004


I know some of you have the VRS Exhaust(http://www.vrsexhaust.com/)on
your cars. I am interested to find out your thoughts on the product and
if anyone has done any comparative dyno work. The two guys that I know
that have the catback on their SE-Rs love them on their racecars. The
build quality is very good. The reason for my request is that the NX
members are without a prefab cat-back system and we are trying to get
one done. VRS has done many such systems for a variety of cars
(including Nissans) and are willing to create one for us (2.25-3).
Any thoughts or comments are welcomed on or off-line.  Thanks!

93 NX2000

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