Header sadness.

Peter Serwe peter@easytree.net
Sun, 11 Jan 2004 20:55:29 -0600

Oh well, looks like I'm not the proud
owner of a brand spankin' new OBX.

I've not yet heard of dyno's on them,
and since I don't have a winning bid,
and haven't actually purchased one from
anywhere yet, I'm wondering what the
scoop is?

I'd heard tales Mike was going to dyno
one, but I hadn't heard more on that.

Is there a really good reason to pay
all that extra money for a Hotshot?

For instance, what are the primary,
secondary, and final outlet sizes on
the Hotshot?

On the OBX, the final outlet is 2"
even though it's bolting to a 2.5" cat
and my exhaust from the cat back is
2.25".  The gas is at it's most expanded
state as it comes out of the head, so
what's the step up after the cat do for
me?  Shouldn't a good header be 2.25"
or 2.5" at the cat connection?

Ceramic coating would be nice, if it acts
as a heat barrier, other than that, regular
stainless should live plenty long.

$400 vs. $150 is a really tough argument
for a cheap bastard like me.  I'm still
trying to figure out whether or not I
should reconsider, since I haven't actually
committed yet.

On the forums (which suck, of course ;))
the're doing a 'group buy' for the Stone
Racing/SS Autochrome at $150 shipped.

This (I believe) is the very same OBX header.


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