info on Classic radio compatibility
Tue, 21 Jan 2003 18:14:10 -0600

This afternoon, I tried to replace the original radio
in my '93 CLassic (which had a messed-up tape deck)
with another OE radio from a '91 (thanks, Brian). I
found that while the radio would work fine - the plugs
were the same - the CD player wouldn't. The harness on
the Nissan CD player in my '93 has a 7-prong circular
plug on it, while the receptor plug on the '91 radio
only has 5 holes, so the CD player will not work.
Possibly a '93 radio will work in a '91 with a
working CD player, but not a '91 in a '93. I ended up
just pulling the mess out of my tape deck and hoping
it doesn't do it again. FYI for the archives and for
any of you using OE radios.