Question about swapping ECUs

Michael Jez
Sat, 4 Jan 2003 13:29:29 -0600

I used a Cali ECU when mine was at JWT, I added the EGR temp sensor- its
like 12 bux, and the wireing harness has the EGR temp plug already on it. I
don't think U can use a 91-92 ECU in a 93 and 94 due to it having a
mechanical speedo vs electronic on 93-94s. Car will run with a 91-92 but
speedo will not work most likely- have not tried it. U can use a 93 ECU in a
91, tried it, works just fine.
Mike Jez
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> I suspect you can use a
> federal ECU in a CA car (but not vise-versa) since the CA only adds
> monitoring of an EGR temp sensor.