Front cover removal with motor in the car.

Michael Jez
Tue, 31 Dec 2002 07:34:33 -0600

> When
> this happens the only way to ensure you have it lined back up correctly is
> to pull that cover and line everything up. Otherwise you are guessing that
> despite have 20 rollers on top you could literally be one tooth off and
> know it at the crank.
Ehh lemme pitch in again, even if the crank skipped that does not matter.
Simply putting it at TDC and releaving the tension on the chain and
basically turning the cams over will help. TDC mark on the crank pully is in
the same relation as the dot on the crank sprocket so eigher way the #1
piston is at TDC, now U releave tension on the chain and do ur thing. I
don't see WHY would U want to pull the front cover of EVER ? they rarely
leak - unlike FWD KA24DEs. Sealing the front cover up in the car up will be
a biatch to do, I don't think it should take ya more than 3 hours to do this
with even pulling the front cover off like someone insist. Then again it
could take ya 30 min to do it my way and Jay W. way and be over with. I
don't see wtf is so hard about this.
Mike Jez
93 SE-R built GTi-R, JWT, ACT, MSD, Blackstone, Aquamist, Blitz, NISMO,