DET Compression ?

Tyler Clark
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 12:12:56 -0600

I am looking at buying a classic with a DET in it but want to do a
compression test on it before I would make a decision. What is a
ballpark figure I should get out of the cylinders? Also there is an oil
leak where the oil filter is and I was told that it is related to when
then head gasket was changed? Any ideas what this is and how hard of a
fix it would be? Last question is in regards to the ECU. The car has a
stock ECU from when the DE engine was in it. The owner says the car ran
really well after the engine was first put it but has progressively
started to idle rougher and is not as fast as it used to be. There is
not a boost gauge in the car so he is unable to tell me if there boost
has changed. Would a JWT programmed ECU with the turbo mapping make a
difference? As always I appreciate your answers in advance.

91 SE-R with lots of goodies. Will be for sale in the next few weeks.