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This is the homepage for the SE-R mailing list. This list is intended for those who own or who are interested in Nissan's compact economy sports cars starting with the 1991 Sentra SE-R through to it's latest successor, the 2002+ Sentra SE-R. These include the NX2000, the Infiniti G20, the 200SX SE-R, the 1998+ Sentra SE, and several others.


To be honest, I don't suggest it. The mailing list is a shadow of what it once was in the late 90s, down to just under 300 (generally quiet) members from a peak of over 1000 much more noisy members. You may find one of the web forums more to your liking, and more relevant to what is going on today in the Nissan SR20/SE-R community. Try the SR20 forum or the cleverly named splinter SR20(dash)forum.

If, however, you do wish to subscribe (perhaps you too are an old fart and find web forums, um, sub-optimal), you may feel free to apply. There are still a lot of smart people here. Note that the mailing list forbids both HTML messages and attachments, rejects messages with excessive quoted content, and expects you to format your messages such that they will display nicely on a classic 1970s green screen ADM3A as well as a modern Winblows PC. The list owner is known to be an autocratic old fart, and doesn't take complaints about these policies well. If you can't handle that, do not subscribe.


You got on the list. Figure out how to get off it. There are instructions in EVERY SINGLE LIST MESSAGE.

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