check-in - what are you driving?

Ben Fenner fenfam at
Tue Nov 6 21:40:13 EST 2018

Like George, I'm in a BMW 2-seater and BMW wagon.
The SE-R is finally finished, and ready to be passed on to a new owner. 
Look for your opportunity to be that owner for $75 (and a little time 
spent) soon.

Instead of a roadie, I have a 2000 M Coupe. It's been in the garage 
behind wood-working equipment for a bit too long, so I've been daily 
driving it this week.
However, most daily driving is done with my wife's 2008 BMW 328i Wagon, 
which is white with brown leather sport seats, manual transmission, RWD, 
no navigation, and cold weather package. This spec is possibly more 
sought after than the clown shoe, took longer to find, and cost more to 
purchase. It is a true unicorn.

The SE-R was my 3rd car after a couple Volvo 240s (sedan and wagon, each 
for one year). The Coupe my 4th, and likely last for a long, long time.
My wife's wagon is her second car (after a 2003 manual Beetle) and 
likely will be her last for a long, long time.
We have our obtainable dream cars. We're moving on to bigger and better 

The manual preservation society flag flies proud in our household.

-Ben Fenner
1994 Turbo SE-R |
2000 M-Coupe |
2008 E91 unicorn

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