B14 SR20DE back of the engine brace

mike stedman ravuya at gmail.com
Mon Aug 28 00:12:31 EDT 2017

Hi all,

Have to do a starter on my wife's '98 200SX SE-R (only 116k km) and have
pulled the large black Y-brace that covers the starter off its studs
(beneath the intake manifold).

Is this brace really important? I would prefer to get rid of it because it
will complicate later access to the knock sensor, which I also need to do.

It looks like its only real purpose is to provide something for a bunch of
harnesses to clip onto and also frustrate me to no end when trying to get
at the starter. The B13 SE-R doesn't seem to have it, and I can improvise a
splash pan or skidplate to keep salt water from getting up into the starter
wiring during winter driving.

I don't think I can get the brace out of the engine bay completely without
dropping the header, otherwise I would have already done so.

It looks like I can replace the starter and put the brace back in, worst
case, but it will be annoying, and "forum knowledge" seems to indicate that
this car has at least another starter replacement in its future.

Any advice from someone who's been here before would be appreciated. This
is probably the worst job I've done on this car, and I just did the water
pump last summer.

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