Door trim panel installation

Brent Meints brent.meints at
Mon Jun 6 08:45:25 EDT 2016

I never removed the triangle mirror panels to remove/install door panels.


On Sun, Jun 5, 2016 at 10:54 AM, Ben Fenner <fenfam at> wrote:

> David, I believe it needs to be on before the door panel goes on. But it's
> been a while since I've had mine off.
> Look at the hardware and see if it looks like it will be hidden once the
> door panel goes on. That will tell you which goes on first.
> I'm 90% sure the triangle goes on first (I don't recall taking it off last
> time I did my door panel, only when I did my mirror?).
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> On 6/4/2016 1:01 PM, David Pertuz wrote:
>> Also, i can't remember - does the mirror trim triangle go on before or
>> after the door panel?
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