Injectors - clean or replace / anyone have a set?

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Tue Apr 5 13:40:42 EDT 2016 is who I use locally. $20 each with flow charts and new o
rings. One day turn around. I didn't even consider a DIY solution.

On Apr 5, 2016 1:27 PM, "David Pertuz" <d.pertuz at> wrote:
> My car is running badly because of the injectors. I'm guessing that this
was caused by bad gas - the car had half a tank or so of 8-year-old gas in
it, to which I added a couple of gallons of new gas.
> My memory is not very good about the injectors. I do know that these
injectors do not like off-the-shelf injector cleaner. I seem to recall that
people would send them off to be ultrasonically cleaned.
> Can these be cleaned, and how?
> And, if not, anyone got a set of stock injectors they don't need?
> I feel like my knowledge of my car - one on which I've done nearly
everything since ~1995 - has regressed so much because I've been sitting on
it for so long!
> thanks,
> David
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