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Tue Oct 14 00:06:11 EDT 2014

I did consider the Mazda 3 - I have a high opinion of it. I did luck into
finding a 2004 Mazda 6 hatch for sale locally that is in really, really
nice condition with only 56k, two attentive owners, lots of records,
nothing wrong with it, and it's about 2 miles from me. I'm very tempted. I
found a very nice E46 Touring with a manual and sport package for sale on
an enthusiast forum, but it is pushing the limit of my budget and is in LA.
Mk V Volkswagens made it onto my shortlist but it is hard to find ca.
2006-2009 GTIs with 4 doors and under 100k miles. Jetta wagons even harder,
and I'm only interested in 2009-up TDIs and those are almost all too
expensive. But then I realized that the A3 is a great car and a better
value than a GTI, since they seem underappreciated and are in less demand.

So my current short list is the Mada 6 hatch/wagon (one great example down
the road from me), the A3 (still looking for a sub-100k local car that
isn't a low-spec model, but here's one in Detroit: and this A4 Avant:



On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 5:13 PM, Ben Fenner <fenfam at> wrote:

> If the Mazda6 wagon is hard to find in a manual and in general, give the
> Mazda3 hatch a look. They are hard to turn down for all of your needs.
> -Ben Fenner
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