brake fluid / trans fluid / etc. pump/bleeder - recs?

David Pertuz d.pertuz at
Mon Apr 14 11:04:15 EDT 2014

Hi y'all,

With the weather warm enough to star working on my cars again, I've decided
to just drop the engine out of the SE-R for the rest of the rod bearing job
and do a bunch of other stuff that I can do easily with the engine &
trnasaxle out. This and other projects on the SE-R and the Fiat mean I'm
shopping for some used or new shop equipment for my garage, e.g. a hoist
and engine stand for the SE-R's engine and eventually the Fiat's. But I've
also concluded it seems worthwhile to get a vacuum pump for bleeding
brakes, as I've got three cars that could use new brake fluis this year,
and if you choose correctly you can also use the same pump for trans fluid
replacements, which will let me change the ATF on my Honda and will make
replacing the trans oil in the SE-R easier. Do any of y'all have any
particular recommendations for brand/model no., etc.?

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