working on cars... not B13, nor SE-R

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My daily driver is slowly getting refurbed. In the past couple of months I’ve installed a new set of Bilstein 4600s and a set of Bridgestone Duellers. I remember getting a whole set of tires for the SE-R for what one of those stupid tires cost.

Now my AC is acting up. In Houston. Yep, that just bubbled up to the top of the must-fix list.

Luckily, a fullsize truck is super easy to work on. I like the fact that I don’t have to jack it up to change the oil.


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" it
looks like I have old car blues" No sympathy here. My cars are 13 and 15 years old (almost 14 and 16). My E46 has always given me the blues. Best and worst car I've ever owned. When it's running right and nothing is broken, it's a wonderful car. Unfortunately that condition is not the norm, but I'm working on it. "Damper replacement re-assembly was a breeze with no mishaps.  Why wasn't it this easy when we were younger?"
Shoot son, who gave you an "Easy button?" When I installed the Konis on the front of my E46, I figured 1-2 hours. What's so hard about front struts, right? MOTHER OF GOD! What a PITA. I did both sides at least twice to get it right, such was the trouble with them. A normal spring compressor made for a dangerous job (don't try this at home kids). I had to undo the ball joints to get the struts out (and that was the easy part of the job). If I have to do the dampers on this car again, it's getting coilovers, more of the ease of installation than performance. Of course, the rear does not use a concentric spring, so that may be a PITA. Always something. Gonna have someone else install the clutch and low mass flywheel. Should be a fun car with the low mass flywheel (if the neutral rattle isn't too loud). Oh, and the M Roadster (on DD duty much longer than intended) needs dampers badly (mostly due to bottoming - something is never used to do). IT is going to get coilovers. Of course, being a German car it has to have some issue, right? It needs a rear camber adjustment kit welded into the back when lowering. Always something. Oh, and then I have to find out why it's burning oil. No blue smoke, which is good. No water in the oil or oil in the water, which is even better. My guess is valve guide seals. :-( BMW, the ultimate driveway machine. :-P Geo Turd Rex
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