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Wed Sep 4 14:46:34 EDT 2013

Geo, fair enough.  I'm just suggesting that anything that is hosted on that is publicly available (to read, not copy), be transferred to NICO as its new hosting site so that the information lives on.  If NICO gets granted permission to use content on our site, then we don't need to request permission by individual contributors.  I'm not saying we won't, but I'm just saying we wouldn't need to.  It's like if somebody posted information in a forum somewhere.  The forum at that point has the right to grant permission to another site to use any of its content, despite who the individual poster is.

Anyway, I think we're starting to get away from the topic at hand.  I'm just asking nicely if it can be worked out where NICO can take the dirty job of going through all the info on and sorting it and cleaning it up and hosting it to take it off of Larry's hands.  I want to see the information live on in a modern format.  That's all.
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