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What’s the story with Was it looking for a home?

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Well, since Matt has spoken up (way to pee in the punchbowl Matt ;-)...

I have to admit that when I heard of the idea of NICO taking content from I wasn't too crazy about it. Maybe I'm nuts (probably am), but the content I created and contributed to was out of my love for that community. I have NO relationship with NICO and I don't like the idea of them using my intellectual property, especially without expressed written consent.

George Roffe

King Turd

---- Matt Hunt <mhunt at<mailto:mhunt at>> wrote:

If only NICO was kind enough to ask me if it was okay to copy tech info,
verbatim, from my old forum without any link or citation. I'd guess the
SE-R net link referrals to the info are more valuable to NICO than the
info itself.

Sorry, still have a bad taste in my mouth after all these years with the
NICO crew. Nothing personal, Torry.


On 9/4/13 11:52 AM, Torry Skurski wrote:
> Larry, we (as in<> <>) are very
> interested in reviving the site. Of course, we’d like to incorporate
> all the useful articles into our own FAQ/tech article section, but the
> point is that we would scrub it for content and update it, then redirect
> the domain to our Sentra technical article section on NICO. Please let
> me know if we can work something out with you.
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