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Our beloved information off from way back didn't go to all the SE-R/SR20/Nissan catering websites.  Since I sold my SE-R some time ago, I lost track as to where that "good" info had gone....  should have checked with the list I guess, but I will blame that on senility...  I checked a couple different forums and came up with a couple differing answers for how to set the timing (to name one specific item of irritation)....  I remember that the procedure, as explained at length but clearly by one Mike "Choader-Boy" Kojima on, was spot on correct but now I was faced with two or three different methods, and/or differing opinions.  Not saying Mike is, or was  God of all that was SE-R but his stuff was pretty solid information that you could trust.  I liked the one stop shop of the website, without having to deploy the BS filter every visit which I have to do whenever I am looking up information on the forums for my current daily driver...


Not being mean spirited nor facetious.  I love you guys. ;-)  Just would like to see the website up again, as I now have two B13 cars back in the family (My Dad, my Son and maybe my Daughter in a year), and the rock solid information would be nice.


I am not web knowledgeable, but if someone can spoon feed me, I could probably help cleans some of the pages of old personal info....



Erik in south central WA

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Erik - Not sure why you say the How-To's are bad on the forums.  Most things out there are pretty good.  I think they need approval to post in that How-To section as well.

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