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I don't think any of the "older guys" who would be more likely to look at (myself included) and resist looking at the forums have the time to dedicate to truly wipe the site and flush everything out.  While it would be nice to have it back up and running, the small number of people who would use it over the forum and the amount of time someone would have to dedicate wouldn't make it worth it.  Just my 0.0015 pesos


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Wayne - He said he was going to flush the contact information I believe.  I do like seeing the site back up, and I think we would be good to have some updated content.

Erik - Not sure why you say the How-To's are bad on the forums.  Most things out there are pretty good.  I think they need approval to post in that How-To section as well.


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On 9/4/2013 9:01 AM, Erik Halvorson wrote:
> I would like to see it up again.  I thought is was offline since form
> way back when everything was going to forums.  I searched for it
> again about 9 months back and found nadda so went to the forums to find
> info on "the old fixes" for my son's car (MAF grounding, ignition timing

I was wondering how many people were left on the list, too. Interesting
to see.

I was confused to see vanish in the last year with no eulogy or
farewell. Before that for a few years all the pages I suspect were
database driven, like the various "registries" have been out of service,
which I thought was kinda good.

Now it's all back up in full force, and kinda wish it was not; or that I
could delete my personal info.


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