leather care

David Pertuz d.pertuz at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 11:51:48 CST 2013

I was wondering about this today, when I was thinking of picking up some of
this stuff:


for other purposes and it occurred to me that it might also perk up the
leather on one of my cars.
Automotive-upholstery, however, is, to say, the least, not processed in the
same way as things like bicycle saddles, boots, baseball gloves, etc. and
can be sort of plasticky.

George, I remember that you had very good success in restoring your P10's
leather years ago when you had that car.

granted, among our list-relevant cars only P10s and P11s tend to have
leather on them. but my former P10 has somewhat dried-out leather, too, and
now lives in sunny California.

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