harmonic balancer (and parts offer)

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Thu Oct 25 08:35:23 CDT 2012

On 10/25/2012 1:12 AM, David Pertuz wrote:
> It's a crank pulley, sure, but it does incorporate a vibration damper.
> But "DE ones are the same" is what I need to know!

Pretty sure I remember the things having a rubber ring and outer hub as 
a vibration damper (common design.) On my crank comment, there are some 
engines (mostly V8 & V6?) that are "externally balanced" with an 
additional counterweight on the balancer.

> My former G20 (now a friend's car) is having a couple of issues and the
> shop working on it asked me about the pulley - he can't get an accurate
> timing reading. I know I replaced it around the time I replaced the

It can be a real bitch to get the ECU to quit f*****g with the timing so 
you can set it. At least on the pre-OBDII cars (only ones I've messed 
with extensively.) SE-r.net had Mike K's instructions on how to get them 
into maintenance mode, but having a Consult or DIY interface and PC to 
plug in are a BUNCH better for getting the base timing and idle correct.

BTW - Anyone want parts to build a DIY ECU interface for the B13s? Years 
ago, ZControl.net's owner (Mike something?) designed one and was selling 
PCBs and a parts list to build them. I bought Digi-Key parts for five 
units and 3 PCBs, and only assembled two. Free to a Good Home if you 
wanna pay shipping. They're kinda obsolete now, since it looks like you 
can buy fairly cheap ones on Ebay that even have the DLC connector (this 
requires you to splice the wiring harness, or buy the plug, and assemble 
some patch cords. Hate to throw the stuff out, but trying to de-clutter 
my house & life.


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