Redline trans oil change intervals; cat dimensions; JWT header

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> On 8/8/2012 9:50 AM, David Pertuz wrote:
>> What change intervals have those of you using Redline trans oil been
>> using? My SE-R has had MT90 in it for ages - such an improvement in
>> winter over the regular stuff! - but after I finish replacing the rod
> It's probably good for darn near forever. My Mom has a 2003 BMW that
> claims to have "lifetime" ATF and differential gear oil. I called BS on
> that and changed them. Sent those and engine oil samples to Blackstone
> Labs. They said the original ATF was still good at 83k miles, and the
> engine oil was marginal at 15k and suggested 10 or 12k changes.

Thanks, Wayne. I kinda suspected the trans oil can be left in there - I
dunno how long it's been in there but it's probably at least 50k - but was
a little unsure. I wouldn't leave non-synthetic oil in there so long.

>  Also, do any of you have an OE cat handy whose length you can measure?
>> My original cat was ripped off around the time I moved here and I will
> You can probably go to your FLAPS ask them to pull one off the shelf. It's
> a pretty common piece, used across multiple cars. I've gone into AutoZone
> with a bathroom scale to find the lightest battery I could buy ;)

I didn't know if this kind of thing was standardized across an OEM's
products, though now that you suggest it, it wouldn't surprise me. I am
still annoyed at the cat ripoff after four years. Why did they pick my
POS-looking old Japanese shoebox??

>  Finally, in a perfect world I would love to get my hands on another JWT
>> header secondary section - the cat thieves cut mine between the flex
>> pipe and the flange. I know these have not been made in years due to
>> cheap made-in-China copies. I am reluctant to support that kind of
>> business (the cheap copies) but I would also love to keep my header
> Can't help you there. But [sadly] the cheap import ones are VASTLY
> superior quality to the others I've seen.

Thanks for inadvertently correcting me - I was calling it a JWT header, not
a Hotshot header :) I wish I had pulled the HS header off my dad's car (not
to mention a bunch of other things, like the engine, wheels, etc.) off my
dad's B14 before it was scrapped, but it just wasn't practical. I guess
I'll at least consider it.

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