Anybody interested in a 1992 NX2000?

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Thu Mar 29 15:19:52 CDT 2012

Purchased a 2009 Mazdaspeed3 and garage is getting too packed and was wondering if there was anybody on the list that is looking for a NX2k.
If I do decide to sell it, I would prefer somebody on the list to get first dibs on it first before anybody else.
Asking $1300 for it.

So here's the info:
1992 White NX2000 with T-Tops with less than 130k original miles
2nd owner (purchased in 94 with 35k miles on it)
Mods include AEM CAI and Ground Controls with KYB struts
Available extras but not installed:

-          2 different Rear Strut Tower bars (from 2 different group buys)

-          Stainless Brake Lines

-          Leather Boot for Shifter (from group buy)

-          Eye Lids (from group buy)

-          Driver Side Pillar 3 hole gauge holder - installed (from group buy)

-          Engine Mount rebuilt with urethane

-          Short Shifter (purchased used from ebay)

-          Radiator Hoses (Urethane/Samco? I think from group buy)

-          White Side Lens Covers (from group buy)
I'm sure there's probably more that I can't remember but it's in the garage somewhere.
Also have some replacement interior plastic parts for the door handle that was broken, extra set of AC piping, I think a set of NX OEM Mudflaps (not 100% sure about that), stock airbox and original springs (probably have more stuff also but can't remember).

Still good on the NX:

-          Always used synthetic oil Mobil One for oil changes and always used oem Oil Filters (still have a few of those on my shelf)

-          T-Tops do not leak

-          No fifth gear pop out

-          No cracks on any of the glass

-          No check engine issue

Issues with the NX:

-          AC don't work too well (filled it with over the counter refrigerant after I was unable to find any R12)

-          Air recircler flap inside the car is broken

-          Clutch needs to be replaced

-          Struts needs to be replaced

-          Rear bumper and rear side panel driver side has been in an accident before and was never fixed (not drastic, it just doesn't look that good)

-          The rear accident did cause a creaking noise from the back when driving

-          Rear hatch struts are kaput (as with all NX struts)

-          No power window (original hand powered window rollers)

-          Hatch release don't work too well

-          Steering Hydraulic Fluid is leaking (not sure where - I just refill it)

-          All belts should be replaced too

-          SR20de idle issue

-          The window tint will need to be replaced (especially the rear)

-          Hood has a lot of tree sap (spots of yellow all over). Car hasn't been washed for quite a number of years.

-          One of the T-Tops (driver side) has some paint accidentally removed (I did something stupid with a power washer)

-          Leaks Oil (not sure if it's Hydraulic or Oil)

-          I believe the axles are still good but not sure about the boots

-          Car pulls to the right a little when driving (supposedly not alignment - alignment machine said so)

-          Sometimes the car dies suddenly when making trying to park (when turning the steering wheel all the way to the right or left - this really got me puzzled - not sure if low hydraulic pressure can cause this)

-          I'm a smoker and I've smoked in the car frequently
There might be more but I think I've listed at least 95% if not 100% of it. If any of you have any questions, let me know.

Well that's it.... I'm getting too old to be working on the car despite the fact that I love the NX.
Let me know if any of you out there is interested.

I'm in Oklahoma btw.

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