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Thu Mar 15 22:23:45 CDT 2012

Woohoo!  New racetracks.  I love hearing about people building more of them instead of tearing them down.  I always wanted to race at Westwood near New Westminster BC but it was gone before I got the chance to race. if you aren't familiar.  cool track with some very unique features.  The downhill back straight had a hump that was called deer's leap.  I will let you guess about that.  There are a few tracks within 200 miles me now. is the closest, the Spokane Raceway Park, Pacific Racway, Bremeton Raceway and of course, Portland Raceway.  I am holding out and not selling any of my enduro karts with the hope to get back into racing when the kids are finally out on their own and it is just me and the Missus.  Any one else hear of any new tracks being built?

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