91 NX2000 low miles - worth picking up?

Ray Kawski rkawski at e-rak.com
Tue Mar 13 22:24:18 CDT 2012

Wayne wrote:

> Being a 20 year old econo box, Nissan seems to have almost discontinued
> replacement parts for B13s.  The RSX-S is so freakin' similar in so many

Well this will throw you.   I recently needed a dual cone synchro for 1st gear.   Our first gears are single cone.  But my new PAR set was built with a dual cone 1st gear.   I tried to get the parts from the local dealer.  They were back ordered.  I contacted Clark at JWT and he tried to get and he was told 6-8 week lead time.   Tried to source them through PAR who said they should be "readily" available parts.   I too said it's a 20 year old trans!   Went looking to steal the synchro from another box as 2nd was rumored to be the same.   Then the local dealer told me that the parts came in.   Took about 3 weeks but I got them.

So seems if they don't cancel the order then you *MIGHT* get it, just gotta wait.

Having said all that if you care the original PAR gearset I had broke a tooth on 3rd gear after 8 years of hard abuse.  I decided to go with another PAR set as it lasted 8 years.    They made some revisions since my first set 8 years ago.  Mainly being that 3rd and 4th on the input shaft are replaceable so if you break a 3rd you just need a new 3rd gear or gears and nothing else.   They also increased the size of the input shaft so the case needed to be drilled.  And oh yeah you can get a dual cone syncrho on first.

Ok back to your regular quietness on here. ;)


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