Door lock assembly

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Wed Feb 15 16:16:43 CST 2012

The lock cylinder is a separate part from the lock assembly.  I had to
replace the driver's side on my B13 years ago.

Eric Waterman

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> On 2/15/2012 4:28 PM, jaretr1 at wrote:
> > The door lock assembly on my 91 SE-R has retired. Nissan doesn't offer
> > this part anymore, and no one seems to have it aftermarket.
> > Has anyone experienced a failure of this part and found a replacement
> > for it? Does anyone have one? Drivers door.
> Wow, weird memories.  Sold one off my parts car to a lady in NYC working
> for "O Magazine".  Think I shipped it to a World Trade Center address
> using Oprah's fed-ex acct number I was given!
> Umm, no, don't have one to offer.  But there were a million or so B13s
> built -- junkyard??
> On some cars the lock cylinder can be removed from the whole door latch
> and handle assembly.  If the lock cylinder itself is just the problem,
> and the car is like that, you might be able to swap the cylinders
> between sides and at least have a working driver's side.
> -Wayne C
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